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For over 45 years, we have put our clients' safety and security first!

Trust your security to Security Service Specialists, Inc. Let us protect you and your assets with our highly trained uniformed officers and advanced security solutions.  

Managing your property, facility or business is a 24/7 job, with unexpected events happening every day. When you have Security Service Specialists officers on site, they will help prevent some of those unwanted accidents or security concerns from occurring. While on tour, officers will check those areas that you deem important and provide you with information about any incidents or items needing attention. This could include a drastic change in room temperature, unlocked doors, burned out lights, or slip and fall hazards.

It’s an unfortunate reality that organizations, their assets, or specific members within an organization, may be the target of threats. In these types of situations regardless of the environment, Security Service Specialists security officers have the training and expertise to deal with any type of threatening situation, including providing personal protection, deterring disorderly conduct and managing crowd control. 

We provide alarm response service so you can rest easy that your property is safe at all hours. Upon arrival our security officers do a full assessment of the situation to ensure that you are informed.

We tailor a response time frame that fits your needs from 24 hour response to any time frame you desire.

In the event of an emergency where you can not be reached, our emergency dispatch service will ensure that someone responsible will always be there. Our Specialty Answering Service will always be there with a professional operator specifically trained to respond to emergency situations with the necessary speed and attention to detail.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. is proud to provide our clientele with a professional concierge program that has become the standard of quality service in the security industry. Our highly qualified officers are presented in an elite business style blazer uniform that makes a noticeable impression on visitors to your facility.

In addition, all of our concierge officers undergo a specialized training program that focuses on customer service. Security Service Specialists, Inc. understands the success to any thriving business is the result of a positive first impression. We are pleased to make your employees and guests as comfortable as possible and make sure that any visitors to your facility are safe at all times.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. is pleased to partner with our clientele in ensuring that their organization is presented with the most impressive concierge program in the entire security industry today.

The security needs of financial institutions are complex – facilities, people, operations and customer information all need to be protected. Our experience in this field is extensive. 

Our highly trained security officers will post on your site redirecting traffic, sending away any intruders or trespassers. We sit with you and design the best plan that best fits your needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Exterior foot or vehicle patrol of your site checking your property for signs of break-in, damage etc.
  • Keep a visual presence in critical and vulnerable areas in the site.
  • Check all doors and windows for security breaches
  • Should we find a problem, we will notify the police and your designated contact and remain at your site until the building and property are secure

When you’re responsible for retail security, your top priorities are providing a safe working and shopping environment and helping store management reduce shrink. But as shoplifters and dishonest employees become increasingly savvy, it’s more challenging than ever to implement effective retail loss prevention strategies. We will start this relationship by listening to you the customer to understand your needs and tailor a work plan that suits your needs to provide the best shopping experience for your customers in a safe environment.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. has a long history of success in providing residential security to some of the more elite housing communities in the entire state.

Our professional security program focuses on the concepts of community policing and working within the community to achieve a joyful living environment for your valued residents.

The mission of our organization is to ensure that your residents are able to take advantage of their living environment without fear for their safety or the safety of their families, friends, and visitors.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. is honored to be accepted into your community and vows to treat your valued residents with all of the dignity and respect that they deserve in their homes.

The future of our country is in education. Unfortunately in recent times, many institutes of education have been targets of malicious attacks on teachers, students, and property.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. is diligent in making sure that these tragic events do not occur at the educational facilities that we are sworn to protect.

Our officers are hand selected and trained on dealing with a student population and the risks and challenges that they may incur.

Our highly skilled officers receive certified training on all topics that may occur at an institute of learning including Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB), de-escalation tactics, bomb threats, and emergency response. Our goal is to protect these facilities so that future generations will be able utilize their knowledge to make the world a better place in which to live.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. is very pleased to provide for our clients in the City of Boston, our award winning Special Officer Program. These officers have achieved the highest level of accomplishment in the private security industry. All Special Officers must first attend and pass a certified and approved law enforcement academy.

They must then pass a written test by the Boston Police Department that encompasses all legal responsibilities and actions. Each Special Officer must have a working knowledge of Rule#400 which states the rights and mandatory requirements of their positions as approved by the Boston Police Department. If successful, the Special Officer is then issued a badge by the City of Boston and the Boston Police Department. Special Police Officers have the same authority as the Boston Police Department, with the sole exception being that their powers are limited to the jurisdiction that is your facility.

They have the right to check for warrants, detain and question suspects, and arrest said individuals if necessary. Special Officers also make excellent witnesses in court because of their background and training. Many property managers and owners highly recommend the Special Officers for their facilities in Boston, because it is just like having your own private police department on your property.

Dispatch Center

Investigation Services

Security Service Specialists, Inc. has fully trained private investigators on call 24 hours a day. These investigators have a reputation as being the best in the business in the resolution and displacement of concerning legal matters. They make sure that each investigation is documented thoroughly and chronologically and is professionally prepared and ready to be submitted in a court of law as evidence.

While in the field they are issued the most updated equipment in the audio and video recording industry.

Our investigators work diligently until your issues are resolved to your satisfaction. In today’s fast paced society you have to do what is necessary in order to protect your family, home, and business. Our professional and discreet investigators are a valuable tool that we can provide to work with you so that you can rest easier at night.

armed officers

Armed Security Services

Security Service Specialists, Inc. has a fully staffed and well trained armed division that is prepared to be deployed at any time to protect lives, property, and assets. These highly qualified officers must pass a rigorous battery of tests before they are even selected for this elite unit.

They must then successfully pass a comprehensive training program. All armed officer must have passed a gun safety course and are subject to retesting on an ongoing basis. Their weapons must be approved and registered with the corporate main office. All state and federal licenses are also checked and filed on record. A weapon is great for protection, but the criteria of the officer holding the weapon is the most important characteristic. Security Service Specialists, Inc. makes sure that if the situation warrants it, you can be confident that our officers will handle it legally and professionally.

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Dispatch Center

Security Service Specialists, Inc. has several dispatch centers throughout the city that we staff and provide services for.

Operating a dispatch center is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. The safety of the officers, employees, residents, and visitors to a facility are in the hands of the dispatcher in emergency situations where every second counts.

The dispatcher must have incredible communication skills and be proficient in handling crisis situations.

Our company makes it a top priority to develop close relationships with all local and state law enforcement departments as well as with local fire department and emergency medical services. The dispatch officers receive highly specialized training in obtaining vital information over the phone, deploying the field officers, and the documentation and recording of all incidents. The safety of the general public is our top goal and the dispatcher is the eyes, ears and voice of our organization that makes this goal a reality.


Executive Protection

Our health and our families are the most important assets that we have in this world. When outside influences threaten these assets, that is the time to call Security Service Specialists, Inc. We have a long history of protecting some of the most influential individuals in the fields of finance, politics, sports, and music with personal protection and security. The news is full of tragedies everyday and you have to be prepared to protect your loved ones during these troubling times.

Our executive protection officers are fully trained to provide just such services and help you maintain your peace of mind. These highly skilled officers undergo constant training and are field tested to identify any at risk situation and dispose of it quickly and quietly.

These officers can be utilized in your home, place of business, or during travel. Why take chances with your public safety when help from Security Service Specialists, Inc. is only a phone call away.

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Camera Operating Officers

Technology is one of the most important weapons that we have in fighting crime. Nothing is more demonstrative of this than visual surveillance.

Security Service Specialists, Inc. has fully trained camera monitoring officers posted throughout the state at various locations. These officers are noted for their powers of observation and quick response time in emergency situations. The officers receive constant training on all equipment and communication devices.

When an incident occurs within their jurisdiction, the officer makes sure that the camera angle is optimal and that all activities are being recorded. The officer then immediately reports the incident to the proper authorities as well as the facility manager and owner.

We then work closely with law enforcement to make sure that they have all of the evidence that they need.

Our officers are also prepared to be presented in court and testify as expert witnesses. Combining the human element with technology is the wave of the future for law enforcement.

Peace of mind knowing you and your assets are safe and secure

An unrelenting focus on clients’ success creates partnerships rooted in quality and value, and is supported by experience gained from being in business for over 45 years. Through our world-class customer services and advanced security services, you can trust us to keep you and your business safe.